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Breville BDC450

A fantastic BPA free coffee maker that also brews cold coffee

BPA free coffee makers, a buyers guide

With the incoming trend of stainless steel and glass coffee makers do you feel like having them too? Are you done with the old and outdated coffee makers and are looking for some BPA plastic-free and healthy coffee makers? If so, then you are definitely in the right place.

In this article, I have thoroughly researched and reviewed some of the best coffee makers on Amazon. By the end of this review, you will be aware of the best qualities and features of these coffee makers. But you must be wondering what exactly is BPA or Plastic-free coffee maker? Worry not, I have described it below.

What is BPA or Bisphenol A?


Basically, BPA or Bisphenol A is a harmful industrial chemical found in plastic. It is mostly found in epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics using which so many containers and other kitchen accessories are made. According to many studies, it is said that when we put the plastic containers on heat, the chemicals then melt away and mix with the food and make it poisonous to consume.

Moreover, according to some health experts, it is also said that BPA is bad for your health in multiple ways. It can cause type II diabetes, infertility in men and women both, cardiac diseases, and many other such dangerous diseases. So, it’s better for you and your family to avoid this chemical in as many ways possible.

What to keep in mind before buying a coffee maker?

There are plenty of products available in the market, that’s why selecting one from them is such a difficult task. But worry not because I did that for you, yes, I researched and reviewed some of the products which I think are the best.

So, without delaying much, let’s now move towards our product reviews. They are all best in one way or the other. One thing you should definitely know before buying a coffee maker is whether it’s right for you or not if it contains BPA or not. Because at some places BPA is not restricted so it’s totally up to your knowledge to buy it or not.

1. Breville BDC450 Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe

 Breville BDC450 Coffee Maker with Thermal CarafeSo here’s one of the best coffee makers that I found out. It is preferred by so many people because of its quality and goodness. Precision brewer is made by using all the quality items and it also has thermal carafe which helps in keeping the coffee warm. The most important quality of this coffee maker is that it is totally BPA plastic-free and is 100% safe to use.

Moreover, it makes the coffee quickly and with so much consistency. Also, it’s gold cup mode allows you to control everything from temperature, presoak time to flow rate. In addition to this, cone and flat bottom, both of these filters work on this coffee maker plus it can also make cold coffee without any filters and even automatically.

The power consumption of this coffee maker is also good i.e., 1650 watts and the voltage that is required to run it is 110 to 120 volts. All in all, this coffee maker is perfect for you as it is equipped with a lot of useful features.

  • It has a gold cup mode which allows you to control its temperature, presoak time, and the flow rate as well.
  • The coffee maker accepts both cone-shaped and flat bottom filters.
  • SCA Certified Home Brewer
  • It makes the coffee super quickly and with utmost consistency.
  • The coffee maker works automatically and makes the cold coffee automatically.
  • Thermal carafe could doesn’t hold heat for very long
  • Also, it’s quite expensive.
Bottom line:

So, if you can bear both of these consequences then you can surely buy it. Other than these shortcomings it’s just brilliant, go buy and enjoy your coffee!

2. SterlingPro Coffee Maker, French Press

 Breville BDC450 Coffee Maker with Thermal CarafeHere comes a coffee maker that can make french press coffee for you, isn’t it just amazing? SterlingPro is a double-walled extra large coffee maker plus it comes with two big free filters to let you enjoy smooth and granule free coffee. Moreover, it is made by using stainless steel of surgical grade.

The construction of the brewer is also quite modern which means it is double-walled to keep the coffee warm and has two filters to keep your coffee smooth. Also, it comes in one liter, one and a half liter, and a quarter to two liters volumes. Most importantly, not a bit of Plastic is being used to construct it, not even tops, strainers, handles, nothing is made of plastic.

In addition to this, the construction of the coffee maker is such that it is totally washable and safe to wash in the dishwasher.

  • The double-walled construction keeps the temperature of the coffee hot
  • It comes with fine filters to make the coffee granule free and smooth
  • The brew time is adjustable
  • The coffee maker is totally rust free
  • Solid construction is durable and long-lasting
  • SterlingPro is quick and super easy to use
  • The coffee maker is safe to wash in the dishwasher
  • Not even a single part of the brewer is made by using plastic
  • The brewer is a bit expensive in terms of price
  • SterlingPro is a big coffee maker, so if you’re in search of a small and portable brewer, then this one’s not for you
Bottom line:

Overall, this coffee maker is just perfect if you’re looking for high quality and big brewer, then you should buy this. 

3. Cuisinart DGB- 12 cup Thermal, 900BC Grind Automatic Coffeemaker

Breville BDC450 Coffee Maker with Thermal CarafeAre you in search of a large and voluminous thermal automatic coffeemaker? If so, then nothing can be more perfect than the Cuisinart DGB, a twelve cup thermal coffeemaker. It makes great and delicious coffee for you.

In addition to this, Cuisinart comes with coffee strength control, it helps in controlling the strength of your brew plus it has an automatic on/off switch. Not only this but also it comes with a pause feature, brew time set up feature. It also has a water filter system that is of charcoal.

This coffee maker gives you a lot of options, that is you can make flavored coffee as well. You know what, it also has an LCD screen through which you can see the numbers and instructions clearly.

  • It comes with an automatic on and off switch
  • It also has a strength controller
  • It comes with a pause feature using which you can pause in between
  • The coffee maker also includes a filter to make the coffee smooth
  • It is extra large and makes up to 14 cups of coffee
  • The water filter helps you brew a smooth and tasty coffee 
  • Also, you can control the strength of your coffee by pre-setting the coffee maker
  • The cord of the coffee maker is too short
  • The brew time is longer then other machines
Bottom line:

All in all, this is a perfect coffee maker that makes delicious and flavored coffee. It is packed with a lot of brilliant and smart features. But one thing that I came to know about this is, the cord is a bit small and it takes so long to prepare coffee.

Other than these small shortcomings it is good. If you can bear these, then go for it.

4. Bialetti Express, six cups, Moka Pot, Coffee Maker

 Breville BDC450 Coffee Maker with Thermal CarafeHere’s one of the most preferred coffee makers, Bialetti Express. It takes everything into consideration from health, taste, price to the quality of the material used.

Moreover, the coffee maker is made by using aluminum which makes it BPA free. Also, it is super easy to clean and keep it. If we talk about appearance, then it is aesthetically pleasing.

In terms of durability, it lasts longer than normal because the metal used in making it is so strong.

  • Durable
  • Quality assured
  • BPA free
  • Easy to clean
  • Works without electricity
  • Portable
  • Can not be washed in dishwasher or it can ruin its aesthetics
  • Long preparing time
Bottom line:

Perfect! If you need an aesthetic coffee maker that can work without electricity, then this is just perfect for you.

5. CHEMEX Coffeemaker, Pour Over

 Breville BDC450 Coffee Maker with Thermal CarafeAre you looking for a classic pour-over coffee maker? If so, then here’s the perfect choice for you. Yes, that is Chemex coffee maker, this comes with exclusive packaging and can make eight cups of coffee in one go.

This coffee maker will totally add up to the beauty of your kitchen. Yes, it looks so stylish and aesthetic. Also, the coffee made through this brewer tastes so mouth-watering, if it is done with full efforts. Moreover, it also includes a carafe which is a bit fragile.

Most importantly, it serves you super healthy and harmless coffee as it is totally BPA plastic-free. With this coffee maker, you do not need to worry about any danger.

  • It has a huge neck opening
  • It is totally BPA free
  • The design of the brewer is stylish
  • Pour over coffee makes a more rich coffee
  • Glass brew carafe with metal mesh filter is BPA free
  • Stylish Chemex looks good in your kitchen
  • Takes a bit longer than usual to prepare coffee
Bottom line:

Overall, it’s a good product that not only can add up to the beauty of your kitchen but can also prepare flavored delicious coffee.

6. Airtight Coffee Maker, Iced brew

 Breville BDC450 Coffee Maker with Thermal CarafeEver wished to have a coffee maker along with a tea infuser? If so, then your wish is fulfilled as Airtight coffee maker is here. It includes a glass carafe and a removable filter of stainless steel.

In addition to this, the coffee maker is fully rustproof and comes with a laser filter to filter out the thicker particles. Also, it has Airtight locks that help in keeping the coffee fresh and away from unnecessary smells of the refrigerator.

It serves delicious coffee in less time. This is not it, it has more features which are listed below:

  • It includes airtight locks.
  • It is made by using high-quality glass
  • The design is super comfortable and cool
  • Its design is so good and oval-shaped fits in refrigerator door
  • Double layered filter keeps out 99.99% of grounds
  • Airtight locks help in keeping the coffee safe
  • It is totally rustproof
  • It is made of glass and might be fragile
Bottom line:

Perfect for luxurious households and even for everyone. The oval design of the brewer just steals everyone’s attention.

7. SAKI Coffee Maker, Pour Over Coffee Maker

 Breville BDC450 Coffee Maker with Thermal CarafeWhen it comes to Pour over coffee maker, what can beat that? Nothing, no? Yes, Saki coffee maker is brilliant in all the ways plus it is quality assured. It comes with a dripper set that includes a glass dripper, pour-over coffee maker, unskippable aluminum stand, and a lot more.

In addition to this, it also comes with a paper filter to filter out the infiltrants and the capacity of the brewer is 700 milliliters. Moreover, if we talk about its weight then it weighs around 1.25 pounds. Most importantly, the coffee maker is fully equipped with smart features plus the quality of the brewer is top class.

  • It is a fully handheld pour-over coffee maker
  • The coffee maker is BPA Plastic-free 


  • The pour over coffee brew process produces a smooth cup of coffee
  • The reasonable price of this coffee maker and its stylish looks make it an easy choice
  • Most importantly, it includes a warranty and money-back guarantee
  • Double filter makes grit free coffee
  • In comparison to other coffee makers, it is small
  • Its manual brewing process lacks some benefits of automatic coffee makers
Bottom line:

To conclude, it’s a great coffee maker and a great value for money. But it is comparatively smaller than other brewers. So if you have your eyes on the bigger one, then this is not for you.


So, we are now at the end of this article and by now, I hope you are very well informed about the Best BPA or plastic free coffee makers. These all are best and most importantly BPA plastic-free coffee makers. To buy a perfect and harmless coffee maker, you need to know what are the features that a coffer must-have.

All in all, enjoy your coffee made by these amazing BPA plastic-free coffee makers, stay away from plastics, and stay healthy.