The Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers

An automatic pour-over coffee maker allows you to efficiently brew flavor-rich. It is a modern device that makes high-quality coffee without the need to manually brew. A pour-over coffee machine makes the process easier and faster by quickly heating water and holding it at an optimal temperature.

Once blooming has occurred, the water gets evenly distributed to produce flavorful coffee. But with the wide range of coffee machines in the market, what are some of the best automatic pour over coffee makers?

Oxo brew ranks as our number one best automatic pour over coffee maker due to its functionality. While it has a small size, this is a powerful device that makes premium-grade coffee efficiently. The simple and classic automatic pour coffee maker comes with highly programmable features to consistently cater to your specific needs.

Its carafe is perfectly brushed with stainless steel material. This helps to ensure that the coffee machine not only looks good but also keeps the coffee warm for longer. It heats water and holds it at the perfect temperature that’s ideal for making coffee, usually between 197.8 and 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

The coffee maker uses a microprocessor-controlled brew cycle that effectively replicates the pour-over method. This normally yields to the production of 2 to 9 cups of coffee. For efficiency in production, OXO Barista Brain comes with a rainmaker shower head that disperses water evenly over the coffee grounds.

Operating this intuitive kitchen device is easier. It has a simple LED user interface that features a backlit screen. Additionally, it features a freshness indicator and displays the status of the coffee. With a single dial, you can program the machine to make a specific number of coffee cups and set the 24-hour start timer.

You might want to know the brew quality, right? Well, this machine is called Barista Brain because it makes high-quality coffee that matches the commercial industry standards. Its functionality from processing to storing coffee makes it an ideal device for brewing your go-to beverage.

Key Features

  • SCA Certified Home Brewer – Specialty Coffee Association
  • Microprocessor-controlled brew cycle that produces between 2 and 9 cups
  • A single dial program for settings control
  • Evenly heats water at high temperature in a separate tank
  • Intuitive LED interface that shows the status, indicator, and time
  • Double-walled carafe for keeping the brew fresh and hot


  • Offers users convenience with its 24-hour programmability
  • Keeps brewed coffee hot and fresh for long
  • Comes with a stylish and compact design


  • Its 9-cup capacity is considered to be much smaller than what its closest competitors offer.
  • Not easy to clean

This 8-cup one-touch coffee maker easily stands out from the crowd due to its beginner- and user-friendly features. It’s one of the best models from Bonavita brand thanks to its ease of use and production of quality brews. Although it doesn’t have the high-end design features of a modern coffee maker, its simplicity makes it an ideal machine for your favorite brew.

The coffee maker has one button hence the “one-touch” reference for simplicity in operation. So, if you were expecting a complex programmable device, the simplicity of the Bonavita Connoisseur will quickly throw you off balance but you will definitely love it.

Its combinational features seamlessly blend to produce a powerhouse. This includes a powerful heater that quickly boils water, ensuring that the device attains and maintains the ideal temperature for brewing coffee. Due to its high level of efficiency, the heater quickly produces well-flavored brews that will deeply engage your taste buds.

Bonavita is definitely a game-changer when it comes to making the best automatic pour over coffee maker. This model features a wide showerhead that evenly distributes water over your coffee grounds. This is important in ensuring that there is uniform flavor extraction.

It’s worth noting that the showerhead works alongside the filter basket to enhance the preciseness of the saturation. As a result, the machine yields a premium flavor profile based on your desired preferences.

But how do you know that this one-touch machine has completed a cycle? Well, once the brewing cycle ends, you will hear an audible signal. Generally, the coffee maker makes a great addition to any kitchen with its simple design. It’s short and slim, so you can conveniently fit it on your countertop or small compartments.

Key Features

  • SCA Certified Home Brewer – Specialty Coffee Association
  • A user-friendly coffee brewer that produces 8 cups of coffee in 6 minutes
  • Designed with a powerful 1500-watt heater that quickly heats water and maintains it at optimal brewing temperature ranging between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Showerhead design for even distribution of water and saturation of the coffee grounds
  • Hanging flat-bottom filter basket for uniform extraction of flavor


  • The one-touch button offers ease of use and convenience
  • A simple and small coffee machine that fits in compact spaces
  • Produces high-quality coffee with great flavor


  • The brew basket can sometimes lead to excess dripping
  • The Carafe seems to not keep coffee hot for an extended time

Cuisinart’s thermal coffee maker offers the best of both worlds. It’s efficient in offering a wide array of brew options while ensuring that your coffee remains hotter for longer. The 12-cup coffee machine is designed with cutting edge technology, ensuring that you get your favorite brew based on your needs.

While the stainless steel thermal coffee maker gives you 12 hot cups of coffee, it doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality. You have an option to choose your favorite flavor profile. So, whether you want just regular coffee or something bold and strong, you have an option to customize the flavor profile.

It is a classic machine that will definitely make a great addition to your home appliance selection. Cuisinart Thermal Coffee Maker is fully automatic and comes with a 24-hour programmability feature. This makes the handling process easier and you can conveniently set it up before proceeding to handle other tasks.

Besides that its intuitive user interface features a 1-4 cup setting and it facilitates accurate water filling with its transparent water window. Sometimes your coffee cravings can send you on overdrive, right? Well, this is a machine that has been carefully crafted to cater to your needs.

With the brew-pause, you can easily pour a cup of coffee midway before the brewing cycle completes. Brew Pause is a fun and enjoyable feature because it allows you to have your cup of coffee as you wait for more. You don’t have to hang around waiting for the cycle to complete because you will get notified by the ready alert tone.

Key Features

  • Made with premium thermal technology for hotter, flavorful, and fresh coffee
  • Brew strength control for bold or regular coffee
  • A fully automatic device with 24-hour programmability and auto-off
  • Brew Pause feature that lets you have a cup of coffee midway through the brewing cycle
  • Self-cleaning coffee maker with 1-4 cup setting


  • It keeps coffee hot for longer
  • Delivers delicious and flavorful coffee
  • A simple and intuitive user interface for better control


  • Its lid doesn’t open wide enough
  • The warming plate easily gets corroded

It’s trusted and top-rated by coffee experts as one of the best automatic pour over coffee maker machines. Moccamaster KBG lives up to its techno-profile name with its design. It was designed and crafted after comprehensive research and it will, therefore, cater to your needs without creating a fuss.

At a glance, the 10-cup capacity machine looks like something you’d find in the laboratory. The power switch calibrated water reservoir, and the holed outlet arm are some of the unique features that add to the precise functionality and preciseness of this coffee maker.

But even with the multiple upgraded features, you only need to turn it on with one-button operation and the machine will make 40 oz. of coffee within 4-6 minutes. It’s worth noting that KBG uses an automatic shutoff, a feature that becomes effective after 100 minutes. This is an environmentally-friendly feature that also makes up for forgetful people or those who are constantly on the move.

Unlike other machines, you don’t have to rely on estimates when using this coffee brewer. Its transparent cool water reservoir with a 1.25L water capacity allows you to pour the right amount of water and you can watch it bubble up over the coffee ground.

This is your home barista that is based on producing quality brews after every cycle. So you don’t have to worry about the saturation of the coffee since this is evenly facilitated by a 9-hole arm that efficiently drips out water pulses at 196 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. With this feature, you will definitely love the smooth and flavor extraction of coffee.

Moccamaster KBG has amazing two brewer switches that enhance its functionality. One of them controls power and it normally turns off automatically after 100 minutes. On the other hand, the other switch controls the hot plate and gives you an option to prepare coffee at different temperatures.

For instance, if you click it to the left, it will hold your coffee at 175 degrees Fahrenheit for 100 minutes without burning your drink and if you click to the right, it will hold coffee at 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

KBG’s automatic brew basket easily allows you to pull away from the carafe and pour yourself a cup, thereby minimizing the chances of the brew basket dripping. This feature not only promotes efficiency during use but ensures that the brew basket doesn’t drip and cause a mess.

Overall, the classic appliance is a great addition to any home, allowing you to make barista-quality coffee right from the comfort of your kitchen. It comes in a broad range of colors to match different taste preferences including pink, blue, purple, turquoise, and yellow pepper among others.

Key Features

  • SCA Certified Home Brewer – Specialty Coffee Association
  • 10-cup, 1.25-liter cool water glass reservoir
  • Two switches for temperature control
  • Automatically shuts off after 100 minutes
  • Brews 40 oz. coffee in under 6 minutes
  • A 9-hole outlet arm for even coffee saturation
  • Flexible automatic brew basket that allows you to pull away from the carafe and pour yourself a cup of coffee


  • Well-calibrated glass water reservoir for preciseness
  • Produces flavorful cups of coffee
  • Available in a broad range of colors to choose from


  • The machine doesn’t have a pre-programmable functionality
  • It’s quite expensive

Brim’s 8-Cup coffee maker allows you to master the art of brewing coffee like a barista from the comfort of your kitchen. If you are a coffee lover, this is one of the machines that we should find on your kitchen countertop. It’s simple, stylish, with upgraded functionalities and brews coffee just like what you’d get at your favorite café.

Regardless of your experience, Brim coffee maker has an intuitive design and simple interface that makes the preparation process simply pleasurable. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a veteran barista or a newbie who hasn’t mastered the art brewing coffee.

This machine gives you the ultimate brewing power. Its heater quickly heats up to the perfect and constant brew temperature ranging between 197.6 and 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides that, it keeps your brew hot for longer i.e. in 176 degrees Fahrenheit and doesn’t compromise the freshness or taste of the drink.

We know that you would obviously want to brew your coffee like an experienced artisan from your kitchen. To ensure that you produce coffee with a rich flavor, Brim’s design was inspired by the old coffee making traditions

It delivers a perfect bloom with its showerhead that utilizes pulses of water to evenly saturate the coffee bed, resulting in a tasteful and smooth coffee flavor. This machine is all about precision, from grinding, measuring, to saturation.

Key Features

  • SCA Certified Home Brewer – Specialty Coffee Association
  • Functionality is inspired by the coffee-making traditions that go back to the 1960s.
  • Produces the perfect brew temperature ranging between 197.6 and 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Automatically shuts off after 30 minutes
  • Pulse showerhead that evenly waters and saturates the coffee bed


  • Allows you to quickly master the art of brewing quality coffee
  • Comes with a transparent and calibrated water reservoir
  • Has an amazing and stylish design that can fit any interior décor
  • Keeps the coffee warmer for longer


  • It initially comes with a strong plastic smell
  • The carafe is made of very thin glass that can easily crack

Closing our list of the best automatic pour over coffee maker is this masterpiece from Ninja. The affordable 12-cup CE125 stands out from the crowd due to its ability to make flavorful and not bitter coffee. It gives you the option to make classic coffee with rich strengths right from the comfort of your home.

This is a programmable brewer, so, if you are a forgetful person it comes in handy, especially during hectic morning runs or tiresome evenings after work. It’s efficient and timely, allowing you to prepare and brew your coffee up to a day in advance.

Ninja CE251 uses a hotter brewing technology. This is facilitated with an advanced boiler that perfectly and evenly heats the coffee. So, you can always enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning to enhance your productivity during the day or keep your body warm during those cold evenings.

There is no doubt that you will always want your coffee hot. To facilitate this, the programmable machine comes with an adjustable warming plate that can keep your coffee hot up to four hours without even burning it. Additionally, the machine automatically shuts off after 2 hours.

Ninja CE251 is a flexible machine that makes the coffee brewing process convenient. For instance, you can easily pull away from the water reservoir and fill it without creating a mess. You can also delay the brewing process up to 24 hours with the convenient delay brew feature that allows you to make plans beforehand.

Overall, Ninja 12-Cup CE251 produces hot and flavorful coffee drinks with each cycle. It is designed with functionality that circulates brewing coffee ensuring even distribution of heat and flavor. And if you want a cup right away, you don’t need to wait because you can simply pull out the carafe mid-brew.

Key Features

  • The 10-cup coffee maker has a small-batch setting and can be engineered to make 1-4 cups of coffee
  • Two brew settings with the options of making classic and rich coffee strengths
  • A 24-hour programmable delay that allows you to prepare your coffee in advance
  • The adjustable warming plate keeps coffee warm, fresh, and flavorful up to four hours
  • Advanced boiler with a hotter brewing technology
  • Mid-brew pause


  • Produces quality and flavor-rich coffee
  • Has custom brew strengths
  • Easy to operate and wash


  • The water reservoir is fragile
  • The delay may malfunction

The Bottom Line

Overall, these are some of the best automatic pour over coffee maker machines. They have been designed with the latest functionalities, they fit in most kitchen spaces, and produce flavor-rich and high-quality coffee with each brew cycle.

However, OXO Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker takes the top spot with its intuitive user interface, brew settings, powerful microprocessor, and aesthetic appeal. It’s a nice machine to have in your kitchen, especially if you are a coffee lover who can’t go without a cup in a day. Its appearance as well as the design meets all the requirements of what a high-quality automatic coffee maker should have.