Low Acid Coffee Brands

The Best Low Acid Coffee Brands Reviewed & FAQ

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Coffee is an integral part of the day for millions of people around the world, and it most likely applies to you too. But for some people, the acidity of coffee causes problems. When this is your case, there are several low acid coffee brands that you can try.

The makers and roasters of this coffee use various methods to reduce acidity. This low acidity can make a difference for people exposed to the effects of heartburn.

As dedicated coffee lovers know, the acids in coffee are responsible for the rich, bright flavor we love so much. However, this is a problem for people with acid reflux or heartburn. It is the acidity of the coffee that causes these diseases to appear, which is why some people cannot enjoy drinking.

Fortunately, coffee machines are aware of this problem. They started making a low acid product.

So, does that mean you can enjoy a refreshing drink in the morning and then bear the consequences for hours? Maybe low acid coffee is an entirely fresh and tasteless parody of real coffee?

I have studied this topic and can help you find answers to these questions.

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    What is low acid coffee?

    This is a low acid coffee. You can find such a coffee by looking at the pH scale. The pH of normal coffee is approximately 4. The pH of roasted black coffee, which is the least acidic, is about 5. Low acid coffee has a pH of roughly 6. Water has a pH of 7.

    Signs that your coffee is too bitter for you

    Not everyone has a problem with caffeine acid. Coffee has a pH of only around five and is less acidic than many fruit juices.

    But many people drink a lot of coffee. Repeated exposure to caffeic acid can take its toll. And some people are only exposed to foods rich in acid.

    One of the most common symptoms of people who react badly to caffeine acid levels is acid reflux or GERD. These people experience what is commonly known as heartburn – chest pain when the esophagus meets the stomach.

    Another area where the acidity of coffee can cause problems is tooth enamel. If your visit to the dentist reveals problems with your tooth enamel, it may be due to your coffee consumption.

    Which roast coffee is the least acidic?

    Sumatran coffee is one of the least acidic types of coffee: it is generally earthy and has more body and mouth texture than African or Central American coffee. Remember, if you want to ensure that the experience is not sour, you will also need to ensure that the roast is medium to dark.

    How to make coffee less acidic?

    Low-acid coffee is usually prepared in two different ways, using low-tech methods to reduce acidity. A standard method used is to roast the coffee beans very slowly or use the intermittent roasting method.

    Another way to reduce the acidity of coffee is to direct the beans in their raw form by removing the wax’s outer layer during steaming.

    Both methods help remove the acid, but unfortunately, the coffee’s aromatic properties are reduced.

    There is no exact science on how to get rid of acidity. Still, to aid in the process, many companies are purchasing green coffee beans from some areas of Indonesia and Brazil known to grow coffee beans with low acidity.

    It should be noted that coffee beans grown at lower altitudes are usually less acidic.

    What is the best flavor of low acid coffee?

    Coffee Chronicler is the top-recommended brand for low acid coffee. If you have a sensitive stomach or need taste buds, this is the combination.

    Amazon customers especially recommend this acid-free coffee because of its calming character and strong, pleasant aroma.

    Light roast versus dark roast sour coffee

    The only thing that makes acid and coffee so confusing is that there is a difference between caffeine and caffeine acid levels.

    The acids in coffee are one of the compounds in the coffee bean that give coffee the characteristic flavor of each type of bean.

    The acid levels in coffee are related to the acidity or acidity of your cup of coffee.

    When coffee beans are roasted, they lose caffeine acids when roasted. This means that the dark roast will taste more similar to each other, with the distinctive flavor of roasted coffee.

    However, the pH balance between a cup of light and dark roast is pretty much the same. And this is the factor that causes you to have problems with your caffeine acid level when you experience this.

    Therefore, a light or medium roast will not help if you are trying to treat acid caffeine symptoms. Low acid coffee and some of the other methods we have discussed are exactly what you need in this case.

    Koffee Kolt

    This is arguably one of Amazon’s most popular low acid coffee brands, with over 2000 reviews and consistently high ratings.

    It’s a dark roast, but not quite French or Italian because the beans aren’t oily or shiny. However, this is fully developed in the toaster, meaning the body and caramelized sugar come to the fore as the acidity fades.

    The flavor notes are hazelnut, cocoa, and chocolate. You can make this almost; however you want and still get great results.

    This coffee is an uncomplicated solid coffee and does not contain any significant acids. It’s hard to go wrong with this product when you are in the market for low acid mixes.

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    Planet Java Colombian Organic

    Colombian Organic by Java Planet is an ideal choice for someone who appreciates the flavors of light and tangy coffee but does not want the acidity of normal coffee.

    Their coffee is grown in Colombia and is organic and fair. Java Planet is a small, family-run coffee producer whose beans are of unusually high quality.

    The resulting coffee contains fruit and chocolate aromas to balance the common roasting elements in coffee. The texture is smooth and round, and the overall flavor is well balanced for those who prefer a light roast.

    You need to comfortably grind it yourself or ask a professional to grind it.

    Overall, Java Planet is an excellent choice for people who aren’t big fans of the fiery flavor and power of its dark roast. If you are looking for a smooth flavor with distinct caffeine acid notes without having to deal with the effects of high acidity, Java Planet could be the right solution for you.

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    HealthWise Low Acid Coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

    If you are very interested in your Keurig coffee machine, Healthwise K-Cups may be the best solution for you. It is made for people who suffer from acid reflux and heartburn. 

    The Techno Roasting process Healthwise uses eliminates acids and irritants to help those who suffer from heartburn or stomach conditions exacerbated by acid. 

    The roasting process also protects the original minerals and mico-nutrients of the coffee beans making it more healthy.

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    Puroast Organic Low Acid French Roast

    Puroast produces low acid coffee using a technology they call “pure roast”. When roasting your coffee, Puroast uses wood and roasts the coffee beans much slower than traditional roasts until you get a deep, dark French roast. This has the effect of significantly reducing acidity.

    Puroasts Organic French Roast contains approximately 70% less acid than most other types of coffee. With this type of acid reduction, Puroast would be suitable for anyone experiencing the effects of acid levels in coffee.

    Puroast is a dark roast, which means it has a more distinctive coffee flavor with few relatively unique notes. However, avoid the annoying burnt flavor that is characteristic of some types of dark roasts.

    For people who enjoy a light, dark roast but have a hard time responding to caffeine acid levels, Puroast may be a good option.

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    Tiemans Fusion Coffee, Medium Roast

    Tieman’s Fusion Coffee Medium Roast is a somewhat unconventional item on the menu because it is a mix of coffee and tea.

    For people who want a cup of coffee without the fancy or unusual stuff, this may not be the right choice. But for those who want to try something interesting, this is a real option.

    Not only is Tiemans Fusion Coffee a low acid coffee brands, but their medium-sized roast coffee is mixed with red sage tea and matcha green tea. She also infuses it with goji berry powder, which is a powder known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

    The resulting flavor is smooth and smooth, if not exactly what an average cup of coffee tastes like overall. But it is definitely close enough that coffee lovers can enjoy it if it matches the taste of the coffee they generally like.

    If stomach problems are the reason you are looking for a low acid coffee, then the goji berry powder and higher pH of this coffee make an attractive blend.

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    Folgers Medium Roast Coffee

    If you want the most ground beans for every dollar, you probably don’t get a better price than Folgers’ Simple Smooth coffee series. They are specifically designed to be gentle on the stomach, so the best part of waking Folgers can be in her cup, without burning yourself later. Literally.

    Simply Smooth is highly rated and comes in various formats, including K cups. It can help you relax your system a bit.

    However, you have to deal with the fact that your brain automatically sings “the best part of waking up” every morning. This is your call, friend.

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    Simpatico is a dark roast with low acidity

    Simpatico imports Arabica beans from Oaxaca, Mexico, where it grows at lower altitudes in the shade. As a result, it is naturally less acidic, and the roasting process reduces acidity.

    Simpatico has made it a mission to serve naturally produced coffee beans, from cultivation to harvest, sorting, and shipping to roasting. Its farmers do not use pesticides or industrial fertilizers, and coffee is grown naturally and harvested using traditional methods.

    It has a very voluminous texture with a rich coffee flavor that can change from roasted to more burnt. If you are buying a dark roast, you will probably love that special flavor. Then Simpatico has what you are looking for.

    And if you are very interested in the production values you take your coffee to your cup, Simpatico is an excellent option.

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    Mummy coffee with low acidity

    Mommee Coffee is a coffee specially developed for pregnant women. This means that it is low in acidity, free of additives, and little caffeine. If you are looking for the best low acid coffee, give it a try. A “half cup of coffee” might be enough.

    While Mommy’s coffee is intended for pregnant women, anyone looking for these unique properties can appreciate it. It is organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals that can affect a child’s growth. The beans are soaked in water before roasting to reduce acidity and caffeine.

    Mommee Coffee does not match the other coffees on this list. This does not mean that it is uncomfortable; it is not very strong or unique. A light description would be a good description. What can be your alley according to your taste?

    If you’re pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant, or prefer a good cup of coffee that’s low in caffeine and acid, Mummy is a good choice.

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    Tyler’s Organic Acid-Free Coffee

    I can appreciate the brand that gives you an overview of all the benefits – in addition to being gentle on the stomach, the acid-free effect of Coffee Tylers is also gentle on your tooth enamel. Low Acid Organic Coffee is our focus on enhancing the well-being of coffee lovers around the world and achieving high-quality taste.

    Indigestion, gas, and other illnesses can occur due to acid reflux. For this reason, Tyler’s Organic Acid-Free Coffee with a near-neutral pH is the preferred choice. Keep your teeth healthy while enjoying this cup of coffee.

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    Kava Reduced Acid Instant Coffee

    Kava Low Acid Instant Coffee is the oldest and best-known brand of low acid instant coffee on the market. They have been doing it since 1962, and while it may be difficult to find on supermarket shelves, you can find it online quite easily.

    It is a boon for instant coffee drinkers struggling with stomach problems. Kava uses a small amount of potassium hydroxide to neutralize the acid in coffee. Don’t be alarmed by the chemical name it sounds like – it performs a similar function to baking soda and is just plain old baking soda.

    The good news is that it does this without causing bitterness, which can be an unfortunate side effect if too much acid is taken on the opposite side. It is plump and has the same intense aroma as regular coffee. It’s nice to wake up in the morning.

    You can make kava coffee just like any other cup of instant coffee. It’s as easy as boiling, kneading, and stirring. It also makes excellent iced coffee, and you won’t even have to boil water. You need to mix the crystals in warm water and then cool them with some ice cubes.

    If you want, we always have real beans instead of instant coffee, but if instant coffee is your thing, low acid kava coffee has the most authentic flavor in its range.

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    What is low acid coffee?

    This is a low acid coffee. You can find such a coffee by looking at the pH scale. The pH of normal coffee is approximately 4. The pH of roasted black coffee, which is the least acidic, is approximately 5. Low acid coffee has a pH of approximately 6. Water has a pH of 7.

    Is Low Acid Coffee Good For People With Acid Reflux?

    Low acid coffee is excellent for people with acid reflux and people with other digestive problems.

    Is low acid coffee better for you?

    The body takes care of its pH, and our job is to maintain it properly. Maintaining the body’s pH level is essential for dental health and for preventing obesity, skin rashes, insomnia, psoriasis, and even cancer. If you consume a large amount of coffee each day, consider switching to low-acid coffee.


    In short, you know your tastes and preferences better, and any of the coffees mentioned above maybe your best option. We recommend Java Planet Colombia Bio or Puroast Low Acid Organic Roast, depending on your taste.

    If you are looking for a coffee with a distinct and varied flavor that closely resembles a light or medium roast, Java Planet is the way to go. For people who enjoy the unique properties of different coffee beans types but need low acid brands of coffee, Java Planet is the best.

    If you’re a fan of the traditional flavor of dark roast, we believe that Puroast does the best. It has a full-bodied roasted flavor that achieves exactly what you expect and wants while keeping acidity low.

    Of course, if one of these two low acid coffee brands doesn’t suit you, you can also try one of the other if the description suits your taste. Anyone can be a suitable substitute for your regular coffee once you decide to lower the acidity level.